Jonathan Simpson

Senior Designer

I am responsible for the design and development of Nursery Product, Product Communication and oversee our amazing Visualisation Department. As part of our management team, I provide reporting and input that helps shape our long term strategy.


Of the complexity found in a lot of design challenges, it is often simple insights that provide effective and exciting solutions. Our understanding of these challenges is built upon great research and the relationships we have with our schools and nurseries. Like a lot of the creativity found in early years, I find sketching and rendering a great way to start conversations and develop ideas. The exploration of concepts on paper is part of my passion for art and illustration that I've had from an early age. With half of my family working in science and engineering, I'm in a position that allows me to connect a lot of my interests.


I'm very proud of our recent developments in Nursery. Most notable are our Get Set, Go! Blocks and Lookout Cabin. It is really rewarding to see the differences we make for schools and nurseries. The spaces we transform improve the learning outcomes for thousands of children each year.



Jonathan Simpson Jonathan Simpson

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